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Archangel Companies LLC has extensive experience in basic gun training, firearms, and ammunition in Maricopa, Arizona, including experience in the private and public sectors. Our staff background includes: US Army retired certified dog handler/trainer, BATFE certified explosive handling and training, Phoenix SWAT, Goodyear Fire in addition to several certifications within the firearms industry. 

Call us for more information about renting our private shooting range which was designed for instructors, training companies, shooting groups and corporate events and other events alike. Contact Rob @ 490-540-2374

Trevor RumseyTrevor Rumsey
01:00 09 Jun 22
Rob at Archangel is one of the best guys I’ve met in the industry. He is a very personable guy, there to make you truly good deals and inform you on anything in the firearm world. The shop is purely amazing (many beautiful builds, guns from all eras, etc.). The range is wonderful and interactive in ways beyond your common gun range. Simply this company does things right, and is ran in very true manner.
az huskeraz husker
22:48 08 Jun 22
Rob is one of the most honest persons I know. He is my go to guy for all my ammo, training and equipment. The range is great and the Archangel shop supports all of my equipment needs, from trouble shooting, ammo and new builds. Thanks Rob for providing a shop and service that I can always trust. Five stars - hands down.
20:41 08 Jun 22
Rob is an awesome guy. Super knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to share his knowledge with anyone. His company also offers different services and products. His range is also great for pistol and rifle shooting. Can't say enough good things about Archangel Companies!
Artie SchicatanoArtie Schicatano
19:17 08 Jun 22
Been going out to Rob’s place for a few years now. Doesn’t take long to realize that he is extremely knowledgeable and has your best interest in mind. Within this realm it is extremely important to not have a “Yes” man behind the counter. He will shoot you straight. Pun intended.I’ve utilized the range several times. I like the fact that it is an outdoor range and you and your group are the only ones out there…For 4 hours!Rob also helped me with my 1st AR platform build and has continued to give me tips and helpful hints on proper maintenance, etc.Thanks again Rob and I’ll see you soon!
Violet WeekesViolet Weekes
19:12 08 Jun 22
This is the place to go if you want to improve your gun skills and learn more about shooting, guns and ammo. I have taken their training courses and definitely feel more confident in my gun handling abilities. If you’ve owned a gun for a months or 10 years I highly recommend their training! You don’t know what you don’t know and you will find out real quick you have more to learn.
Friendly Atmosphere
Friendly Atmosphere
Groups Welcome
Groups Welcome
Licensed Instruction
Licensed Instruction